A business directory and guide on emerging markets, covering investment, import and export opportunities


Global Business Guide covers its selected markets through dedicated investment portals featuring up to date analysis and core business data. Using the latest technologies, the Global Business Guide approach focuses on presenting information in a simplified and efficient way for our users.

Each dedicated country website provides the necessary commercial tools that are tailored to the market in question.


Featuring interviews with members of the government, industry experts and the highest authorities in business which are regularly updated.


Comprehensive overviews that take into account long term trends to bring users up to date on the sector and subsectors within it.


Meeting the challenge of accessing reliable figures for emerging markets on main indicators through maintaining a local and international network for objective, accurate reporting.


Changes in laws on foreign investment, free trade agreements as well as fast changing customs and fiscal regulations in emerging markets are interpreted and explained alongside industry experts to illustrate the direct impact on business opportunities in each sector.


The only comprehensive database of businesses in the country that makes companies searchable by the business opportunity that they are open to, and is exclusively made up of companies that are positioned for international cooperation.